perimeter control

RIB Rapid Barrier With Boom Long upto 6M

The RAPID electro-mechanical barriers are designed to regulate rapid vehicle access in intensive applications. Columns come in standard orange color with cataphoresis and thermosetting treatment. 

FAAC 740 230V Sliding Gate Operator Prewired control unit

Quick & easy installation thanks to built in prewired control unit| anti-crushing protection

in the event of a power cut, the rotation of the (key protected) realize device to make it possible to operate the gate manually. 

FAAC 391 24V Swing Gate Operator 185mm

Compact, elegant design. width 185mm. The articulated arm allows high flexibility for the installation dimensions, enabling use also on large gate piers built in mechanical stops:no need for opening & closing mechanical stops. 

CMOLO Access turnstile-rugum APW-RM600

all around personal safety protection | intelligent & advanced passageway security concept| 

strong & stable control core

system integration | direction indicator

TAU T_Stop 1404 Resistance to impact

bollard complete with formwork | removable single-body casing |carbon steel tube | built-in-oil hydraulic pump | LED flashing light & room high quality carbon steel tube | hot-dip galvanized bollard | reflective strip